Our (Lora and me) First Trip Together

This coming mid-week, Jonathan is going to be heading to Boston for work for a week for a convention. Since he’s got a hotel in a city that Lora and I have rarely visited (and has plenty of cool attractions), we’ve decided to go spend part of the weekend with him. Lora and I are headed there at different times on Friday, but we’re coming back together Sunday evening. So we’ll see how that goes – I’m nervous because this will be the most time that we spent alone together, and in close quarters. Since our apartment is a two bedroom, and also has a generous-sized living room and a huge eat-in kitchen, we can all three of us live together, and all be in separate rooms, and really give each other space – which is what I’ve been making a big effort to do with Lora, for at least the first few weeks that we’re living together. I know she feels strongly about her space and privacy, and it seems like she still has anxiety about changing living situations, so I’m hoping that easing into it by not always being super-close-by in the apartment is helpful.

Having a big apartment like this is also a boon to the four cats. Between the rooms, the hallways, and the closets, each cat can be in a separate room and have privacy. Which the older cats have definitely taken advantage of. Heh. In fact, when we both moved in, we kept the cats separate – two cats were in one area (with a bedroom & living room) and the other two cats were in the other area, with a door separating them. They moved in about two weeks before Lora and Jonathan, so we could start integrating them before all of the furniture upheaval. Which we did over the next few weeks, with Lora and Jonathan coming over, and us having supervised slow interactions between cats. Which (of course) led to Jonathan quipping that when Lora moved in, he was going to keep us in separate rooms for a few weeks, and let us sniff/hiss between the doorway before slowly exposing us to each other.

While we weren’t about to engage in anything that ridiculous, trying to moderate our initial time together has been helpful for making this less stressful, I think. Lora & I both are a lot like cats, in that we like to spend some time being social, & then just want most people to fuck off so we can do our own thing.

Now that we’re going to spend a weekend sharing a hotel room & then a train ride back, we’ll see how those closer quarters go.



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