a good job is hard to find (but maybe Lora gets lucky this time?)

The good (great!) news is that Lora has finally found a job.

The bad news is that it will decrease how much time both of us can see Jonathan, which I anticipate will become a fractious thing.

Lora’s new job is unusual (at least compared to my work experience) in that it’s for a company that needed someone who could do administration work as well as off-site work. It’s also open seven days of the week, and they want her to cover the weekends, so her “weekend days” are actually during the week.

I think that’s a major plus for all of us, since it means that (pending Jon not working the entire day), Lora and I will each have two days with Jon each week where the other isn’t home for most of the day. I will finally get fairly steady alone time with Jon (at least for the length of time that Lora stays at this job, which I hope will be at least for the rest of this year, until she gets her degree). And when Jon’s at work, then I’ll actually get some totally alone time in the apartment – hours of it at a time. It sounds like heaven (and meanwhile, Lora will continue to get her alone time on the days that she’s off & both Jon and I have work).

Another major plus for Lora is that some of the work they want her to do can be done off-site. So there are some days when she can choose to work from home instead of go into the office, and as they are OK with overtime, she can also choose to work a full forty-hour workweek AND pick up overtime. Whether or not that’s actually feasible with her school work isn’t yet clear (and it will probably vary as her school workload ebbs and flows), but she’s really excited about making extra money. She’s also excited to not only have a job, but have an office job that pays an actual living wage and will look good on a resume, as proof that she’s done many different types of office work and can handle a corporate, salaried job (which is her long-term goal).

I’m really happy for her. I hope this eases some of her stress about money and about if she is good enough at interviewing to be hired by an excellent company where she can get experience and make connections in something other than retail. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for her – it might even itself lead into a full-time, salaried job, once she gets her degree (assuming it turns out to be a good work environment and a place she’d want to continue working). But no matter what, it’s could be a strong piece of proof to her that she can find good jobs and be successful at one and manage it and do a good job of supporting herself – all wonderful things for building self-esteem and confidence.

Really, the only downside I see is the aforementioned issue of both of us having less time with Jon. I’m ok with (resigned to it, really) the reality that if Lora and I are both working corporate jobs with corporate hours, we’ll have to share Jon on the weekends and after work hours, since Lora will no longer be able to see him during the day. That does kind of suck, as we’ve previously managed to avoid something that is probably a very normal issue in polyamory – that of people only having time for each other in the evenings five days a week (how do ya’ll do that?). But, I feel confident that I’ll cope. I am worried about Lora being really upset about the much-shortened time with Jon. I’m hoping that with a new job to keep her busy (and tired out a bit) hopefully that will help with some of her nerves until she adjusts. I just really don’t want this to turn into another situation where Lora thinks that things are hugely unfair to her, when in reality, they’re quite fair.

I guess we’ll see. And in the meantime, I’m going to tell myself to stop borrowing trouble, enjoy my alone time and my time with Jon, be supportive to Lora about her new job, and hope that she adjusts well and that is really is a great work environment for her!


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