*cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep*

I’m home alone.

Aaaaaaaaaaaall alone.

And it feels fabulous.

Because of some recent weekend travel for work, I have a three day weekend this weekend – my first in a long time, and my first where Lora is working all weekend in a long, loooooooong time. Jon is working this afternoon/evening, but off tomorrow and Sunday. We spent a wonderful morning together, the two of us alone in the house, snuggling. We puttered around slowly most of the morning, doing a little chores, listening to music, being silly and relaxed and having time together that was wonderfully, privately us.

He got ready for work and headed out about an hour ago. Lora’s going straight to the gym from work, which means I’ve got another five good hours of the house to myself. It’s absolute heaven.

Not that I always want it to be this way. It’s just been so long since I’ve been alone in the house for more than an hour or two – just me and the cat beasts, doing whatever we want, nobody around to hear us or see us. I can sing along to the radio and not worry about disturbing anybody.

I knew that I was missing having alone time in the house, as well as truly alone time with Jon (for more than a few hours at a time). It’s absolutely wonderful that Lora’s new schedule means that I can have alone time with him on the weekends – regularly, every weekend, I can count on it happening. And she can still count on having solid alone time with Jon twice a week two, on the days that she’s off.

So long as other things continue to go well, I think this time can really do good things for me, and how I feel about us living together. I knew that I missed having big blocks of alone time at home, as well as alone time with Jon. But I didn’t realize quite how much until I felt something inside me just relax and melt when Lora left for work this morning, and then relax and melt further when Jon headed out to work. That feeling is why I’ve been staying at work late regularly – when Lora was home all day every day, I started staying late at work because it was the only time and place I ever had the chance to be by myself. And I think I really do need that. Not because I want to do anything shameful or weird – I just really like having time with nobody around but me.

All that said, I think I have a date with myself in the kitchen. Just me, the radio, a big glass of zinfandel and a new recipe for an ultra-dark chocolate brownie that a friend of mine swears will go amazingly with the wine. The perfect way to enjoy some me time.

Happy Friday, all. I hope yours is as good as mine. 🙂


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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

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