no problems here at all…

Lora came home mad at Jon today. I couldn’t hear all of it, but the first thing she expressed pissed-offness about was that Jon in and kiss her good night when we got home late last night from a night on the town with some friends (Lora was invited, but felt tired and fried after work and wanted to go home and take advantage of the quiet house to chill and go to bed early).

As has been mentioned before, Jon did go in and kiss her goodnight and even have a little conversation with her. But she didn’t actually wake up, and doesn’t remember it, thus it is A Thing for her to get angry at Jon about and come home and slam around and be hostile towards him over.

Then Jon decided to spend some time hanging out with her in the little bedroom, but came out when Lora was in the bathroom to talk to me for a few minutes. When Lora came out of the bathroom, she said to Jon “What, every time I leave the room for five seconds, you’re going to leave? Is that now this is?”. To which Jon replied, “I just needed to talk to Liz for a sec and get my computer. I’m coming right back in”. Lora stalked off into the bedroom.

Now they’re in there with the door closed. I’m not sure if more fighting is happening, or actual time is being spent together. But there’s no problems here that need therapy to learn better behaviours. Or over-the-top expressions of anger or control. Nooooooo…everything is fine; no problems here at all.



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