Irk, irk, irk

Part of what irks me about last night is that for the last few weeks, Jon’s work schedule has been such that he has been off work the two days that Lora is off work, but has had to work all day during one of mine, so I’m seeing Jon far less than Lora lately (and also, not enough to feel nearly as connected as I want to, but that’s what happens when his work (or my work) gets crazy). This week, Jon works the entire day for one of the days that Lora has off, but works the entire day (something like noon to midnight) on the two days that I have off. But oh mah geez people, Jon and I were talking for five minutes in the bathroom – it must be commented upon!

Petty nitpickery (I am totally using that as a tag from now on; it encapsulates how I feel so well!) on this scale just breeds more pettiness (Look at this petty nitpicky post – am I just as bad? Should I try harder to just let it wash over me and let go?). It’s part of why I don’t particularly want to do Lora any favors about anything right now – or want to spend any amount of time with her. And it’s just so toxic and stupid to live with – how does she not see how ridiculous she is and want to go to therapy and work on stuff like that?

I just don’t get it. Not a clue.


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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

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