putting it out there

This is the email I’m thinking about sending to Lora. I haven’t heard back from Jon yet, but I’m seriously considering sending it and seeing what happens.

I overheard that you were upset about Jon and I talking in the bathroom while he was brushing his teeth.

It is hurtful and upsetting to me to hear you say what you said to him last night and to know that you will challenge a five minute bathroom conversation that we have as something that is unfair to you.

You may not be aware of this, but for the past few weeks, Jon has had off both of the days that you have off. He’s had off one of the days when I’m off. This week, he has off one of the days that you have off. He doesn’t have off any of the days that I have off. I am aware of that. It is really hard for me. I feel jealous. I feel sad. But I do not take my jealousy about that out on you, or on him. It’s really important to me that you’re able to do the same.

I know that Jon’s work schedule will change and there will be weeks when I see him more. There will be weeks when you see him more. That’s the way it’s going to be, as long as he does the kind of work that he does.

No matter how his work schedule is, I have not – and will not – notice the two of you talking for a few minutes and then bring it up as something that is unfair to me. Can you do the same?



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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

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