*ahem* *hack, hack, hack*

I don’t know what is going on, but my body is on a “get sick and make weirdly colored shit come out of every orifice” kick. Which is totally not awesome (and yes, you’re welcome for the mental image). Not even a little bit. And as I have around half a dozen posts in various levels of completedness (from “barely fleshed out” to “just needs a little bit of editing before I send it out into the wilds of the interwebz”), very frustrating. Lately, making it through about half the workday sitting upright has been a challenge.

But I haven’t forgotten about this blog and plan on writing loads more, once sitting upright is a thing I can handle for more than a couple of hours at a pop.

In the meantime, I think things have been somewhere between quiet and same shit, different day. I’ve been sick enough that there have been times Lora could have probably started a screaming fight with Jon standing on top of me and I wouldn’t have noticed. When I’m awake and processing what’s going on in my environment, it seems like the usual freakouts happening with the usual frequency.

So not much of great excitement on the home front. But I had been writing my own little riffs off of some of the posts I’d read from my favorite bloggers lately and I want to share them, as well as finish my review of The Husband Swap and keep working on my series on More Than Two. That last one in particular is going to have to wait until I’m feeling good and healthy. I wrote out a great deal of it, but it gets into some extremely painful and vulnerable territory, so I’m not even considering getting back into that post until I feel hale and strong.

Stay tuned and hopefully body and mild will cooperate soon to get more posts out!



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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

2 thoughts on “*ahem* *hack, hack, hack*”

    1. Thank you! Me too! I’m hoping this bout is my final bout of sickness from the new treatment I tried and that it’ll slowly start to go uphill from here.


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