Jon told me late last week that Lora has an interview lined up for today. It’s for an executive assistant position. If she gets it, they said she’d start immediately, probably early next week.

Here is a thing that sets off my hinky meter. As I mentioned before, Jon is gone on a job from late last week until Friday (or maybe even Saturday morning). I’m working during regular work hours, so I’m gone most of the day. Lora is currently unemployed. And – not to sound like I’m denigrating executive assistants – the job she’s hiring for doesn’t typically involve a lot of prep work or making a highly specialized resume.

Given that Lora’s only supposed requirement for coming to clean and pack her stuff was that Jon and I not be home, and Jon’s been gone for nearly a week, and I’ve been out working every day, and also given that – should Lora get this job – it would start early next week and make her unavailable to come and clean and pack during the time it’s most likely that Jon and I will both be out, isn’t it…interesting…that no cleaning and packing has gone on this week?

At least, none that Lora’s done. I did a fair bit for her, in the spirit of making it that much easier for her to leave.

This seems like a concern that I should express to Jon the next time we talk.

We’ll see what he says.


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