sometimes, I don’t even know

Since Lora’s room can officially begin to be packed up, I’m packing it up. And I felt the need to share the very first thing I found when I pulled a closed cardboard box out from under the bed (I started under the bed because I want to clean out the spaces that sometimes get forgotten sometimes, to cut down on the chances that we’ll forget to pack up something of hers). The box was sitting right next to a vibrator which was laying right on the previously-dirty floor (I noticed the vibrator when I was cleaning the last time and thought “Nope, not touching it. If a time comes when it needs to be picked up, I’m putting on gloves”, nudged it further under the bed with the dust pan, and continued cleaning the floor). Given the proximity to the vibrator, I was hoping I wasn’t about to pull out a box of sex toys, because… that’s really not what I want to see. If it had been a box of sex toys, I’d have set it aside for Jon to go through, as I assume a number of their toys are tumbled together the way that some of his and mine are. Anyways, I opened it and it wasn’t sex toys.

It was a box of garbage.

Literally, a box of garbage. The top layer was fast food wrappers and other snack wrappers. I shook my head, carried it to the garbage bag that I had open and waiting and dumped in it. Among the things in there was an old tuna fish can and several deli containers that had moldy residue in them.

This would explain how the room still smelled funky after my last round of cleaning (what I thought was) everything. And this was a closed cardboard box. As in, the top flaps were fitted together so that it stayed closed, like this:


Who does that?!

If I were an asshole, I’d have reclosed the damn thing and added it to the stack of boxes for her to take when she moves her stuff out.


I’m not an asshole.


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