are we shaping up for a blow-out, maybe?

Jon just stopped by my office to pick up some boxes. I think it’s the last half-dozen that I’ll need to finish packing up Lora’s stuff (I’ve been doing most of the packing. I don’t mind and Jon said it makes it a lot easier for him). He looked…not good. I knew he was having lunch with her today, so I asked how it went.

It went badly. He was teary and didn’t want to get into the details of why too much, but he said that she had been a basket case because she’d been up the whole night before. Why was she up the whole night before? Because she has a big exam next week for her math class that she’s flipping out about and she was stressed out about seeing Jon for lunch. She’s so worried about having enough time to study for her math class that she stopped looking for a job or a long-term apartment until after the exam.

Ok, first of all, good for her, not dropping the math class. That is one kudos.

But…being unemployed and all, if studying for one class is so consuming that she literally cannot spend an hour of her day looking for a job or an apartment…maybe she should be living at home with her mom. Because that doesn’t bode well for her ability to multi-task her way through this thing called life.

Also, if seeing Jon is that upsetting, maybe that should be held off on until after the exam. Maybe. If we’re looking to do things in a way that makes them easier to manage. Which we clearly aren’t.

I have a feeling that the whole “Lora must have all of her stuff out before we go on vacation thing” was seriously under attack today. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lora started insisting that her stuff stay until we go on vacation. I know that Jon would push back against that, as he wants her stuff out as bad (if not more) than I do. I could see his refusal to bend to her demands unleashing a torrent of blame and guilt-tripping toward Jon that I’ve been dreading was a possibility.

I have to go run errands tonight before I get home, but Jon and I are going to talk more when we get home. I really hope it’s not going to be as bad as I’m afraid it is.


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