more poly-reading goodies!

I totally missed the email that went out from Thorntress Press earlier this week, but I did notice when a package containing The Game Changer, and Stories from the Polycule showed up on my stoop. I am dreadfully behind on reading and blogging about More Than Two, and still haven’t written my review of The Husband Swap, though I finished it weeks ago. Hopefully, once this last push of work gets done (work has been very hectic the last few weeks, in addition to all the other upheaval in my life), I’ll be able to get up my The Husband Swap review and dig into these two new pretties. It’s going to take any remaining reserves of willpower I have to resist digging into them now. Such pretty covers. And such tantalizing descriptions of the books on the backs.

Even though I haven’t read Stories from the Polycule yet, I’m hoping it becomes the first in a series. I think having more snapshots of poly-life in all its many permutations would do wonders for both poly and non-poly people. Non-poly people because I think it’ll show the same life themes of love and compromise and strife and people changing and growing and trying to find their way. And poly people need (I think) to read about as many permutations of poly as there are in the world – the more we read about what has come before us, the more we can see how many ways there are to be poly and that it is possible for polyamory to be a haven for many types of relationships. Reading those stories can take us one step closer to forming the kind of polycule that we will thrive on, and inviting others who desire the same polycule to come and thrive with us.


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2 thoughts on “more poly-reading goodies!”

    1. I didn’t contribute. The submission deadline was around when I started to notice that things were getting really bad, but I don’t think…I’m not sure how to say this. I guess there wasn’t enough that had gone on yet for me to feel like I had a compelling story to offer. If they turn that book into a regular offering, with new stories, I would definitely submit one.

      I contributed to the crowd-funded campaign, at whatever level offered both ebooks and hard back books of all four books that were on offer. So I think we all got ours hot-off-the-preses for our contributions.


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