guess who…

…wrote another long email, but this time, it was about how deciding not to talk was a terrible, terrible idea, and they should resume talking daily (nevermind the agreement was talking once or twice a week, because that would be injecting reality into the situation, and I don’t think we’re into that).


That happened.


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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

3 thoughts on “guess who…”

    1. I think it is. I asked what happened, and he said “Lora sent me another long email about how it was a mistake to totally detach, and she had just been being really stressed and had a bad day and was frustrated, so she defriended and blocked us on Facebook and said that she didn’t want to talk to me anymore, because she was upset. But she realizes now that it was a hasty decision to make and that she didn’t really mean it, so we should go back to talking every day”. I asked “what did you say to that?” to which he replied “I said that we could go back to talking twice a week about neutral subjects as we’d agreed to do after the break up. But no more than that”. When I asked how it was going, he just sighed and said “guess”.

      I’m really wondering if he’s being cordial in part because her things are still here and she still has keys. I think if that’s the case, he might not be totally willing to admit that to himself yet. But I do wonder what will happen once we have the keys back and her stuff is out. Which I do have an update on…


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