the best answer I could have possibly gotten

Jon and I had a somewhat stressful talk this morning – happily, the resolution was wonderful. I was mentioning that I still felt really anxious about what would happen if “something came up” and Lora and her mom couldn’t get her stuff next weekend. Jon got upset and told me that when I say that, it feels like I don’t trust him. He asked me what I wanted to do; “Do you want me to rent a truck tomorrow and take all her stuff to her mom’s? Because I will, if that makes you feel better”. I was surprised by how upset he sounded, and I told him that I DID trust him – but I don’t trust Lora to get her stuff out like she said. This is why he said to me “But I want you to trust me that her stuff will be out before we leave” and I asked him “How can I do that, when if Lora comes up with some excuse not to be able to get her stuff, it’s going to just sit here until he comes for it? It’s not about you and trusting you, it’s about Lora and trusting Lora”.

This is the point at which he told me his back-up plan that he’d already thought through. If Lora and her mom are unable to come on the twenty-first, like they said they would, then he is going to rent a van the next day and drive Lora’s stuff to her mom’s house. If she doesn’t like it (she is not aware of this back-up plan, as he sincerely hopes it doesn’t become necessary), that’s too bad, because there’s no way she can stop him from doing that. And if he has to, he’ll just leave her things at the bottom of her mom’s driveway.

Now I understand what Jon meant about me trusting him. I can trust in his back-up plan. I love that he has a back-up plan, and that it really does take care of nearly everything. The only thing left at that point would be to get the keys back (assuming his back up plan comes in to play). He said he has some ideas on that too, though it really hopes they don’t become necessary.

I feel about a million times better. One way or another, Lora’s still will be out by the end of next weekend. The end is finally, concretely, in sight.


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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

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