An interesting (but not completely unexpected) twist

A text conversation between Jon and me:

Jon: Just wanted to let you know, I didn’t finish cleaning up today because there were some dramas. But everything is fine.

Liz: What’s going on?

Jon: Oh, it’s about Lora and her stuff and her mom and work

Liz: aaaaaand?

<several minute pause>

Liz: I’m feeling a bit anxious. Can we talk?

Jon: Sorry. Lora’s mom is working a lot doesn’t want to take time off to get her stuff. She’s also worried that she doesn’t have room in her house for Lora’s stuff, so she’s getting Lora a storage space and we’re going to move her stuff there Thursday.

Liz: Her mom is getting her a storage unit? In our area? Or our hometown area?

Jon: In our area.

Liz: I’m confused. How did this happen?

Jon: I don’t know. Lora texted me and told me that was what they wanted to do.

Liz: I guess that works. I mean, as long as it’s out of our place, it can go anywhere.

<several minute pause>

Liz: I’m confused as to what the drama was/is.

Jon: Lora was freaking out about picking a place and the logistics.

Liz: I don’t really know what to say to that. Other than I’m glad you won’t have to deal with stuff like that anymore unless you want to.


As long as it’s out, that’s the part I care about. And it’s going to be out a day early, which is AWESOME.

A part of me speculates that Lora’s mom has decided that she’s done taking care of Lora, and that she’s essentially demanding Lora stay in our area and stand on her own two feet in whatever way she can figure out. Because Lora’s stuff…boxed up, it’s not a huge amount. It would fill up less than half of a small pick-up truck, so I really don’t think it’s about the stuff, unless Lora’s mom is a hoarder. I wouldn’t blame her for insisting Lora be out and on her own two feet, Lora being twenty-six and all.

Whatever is going on, her stuff is being moved out in two days now, instead of three, and I feel that much closer to freedom.

Past my initial feeling of “I don’t care where her stuff goes, just that it’s going”, came the following thought: “If Lora’s mom is refusing to support her any more, I really, really, really hope we don’t get a phone call a month later, with Lora saying she has no money and nowhere to go and will be homeless if we don’t let her stay with us”.

I’m going to leave that worry for another time, and just be grateful that this should all be over -keys back/stuff out- forty-eight hours from now.


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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

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