mine, all mine!

My time, that is.

Jon has a trip away from home for a week, for a work thing. So I am aaaaaaaall alone at home.

And I’m loving it.

He left yesterday, and it was sad, of course. I missed him the moment he was gone and I knew that I was facing a week of no Jon-snuggles or talking in person, cooking together, watching movies together…all that stuff, no Jon. Saaaaaad.

But, it’s also exciting, more exciting than I thought it would be. I haven’t lived alone in a really long time. And though our holiday with his family was really wonderful, I got pretty peopled-out. So I’m really looking forward to a week of having our home all to myself. Maybe I’ll invite some friends over later in the week, to hangout and watch movies. Or maybe I’ll keep all this delicious time for myself.

I’m also looking forward to hearing what Jon does in his downtime from work. This job has taken him back to his college hometown, which is a pretty big city. One of his past partners, a former FWB, AND someone who he never got together with, but did develop a crush on are all living there now. He’s said that he’s hoping to see all three of them. He’s already made plans to spend a few nights with Marian (his former partner) and Elise (the FWB). I hope he has a wonderful time with all of them, as well as the college buddies that he’d getting together with for at least a night or two.

Oh! I just realized something, as I was writing. I never mentioned that Jon and told Lora that he needed a “no contact” time for a month. It was after the fight she started about him traveling more with me than he did with her. It’s also why I hadn’t seen or heard her texting/calling for the past few weeks. Jon mentioned it to me in passing about a week ago. Anyways, that month of no contact will be up towards the end of his trip. I wonder how it will go.

I really hope Jon’s noticed how much more relaxed he is without Lora around to pick on every detail of his behavior that wasn’t tailor-made to cater to her needs and decides to tell her he’s done having any kind of relationship with her. I guess we’ll see.

Anyway, I am really excited (Compersed? Has anybody taken the word compersion and made some conjugates for it? Is compersion a verb as well as an adjective?) for Jon. I hope he has a ton of fun. I feel a little envious; I kinda wish I had something new (or old-but-new) going on for me romantically. But OTOH, I know I’m not in the shape for me, physically. I’ve debating looking for a friend-with-benefits, but I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I want, and besides, I would definitely want a friend with benefits and not a fuck buddy. I don’t have the energy to nurture a few friendship.

Ah, well, bummer for me, but yay for Jon! I hope I hear lots of juicy, awesome details from him. Though I won’t be doing anything that will generate excitement and juicy details, I am still looking forward to this week of being home alone, and hope I get lots of little things done that I’ve been dying to do forever. Like write about a few articles I’ve recently read on poly, or poly-ish ideas. And work on my health issues. Maybe if I keep up with it really hard, and do all the right things, in a few months, I’ll have some juicy details of my own to share. 🙂


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polyamorist, cat-lover, hopeless optimist when I'm not being a firm realist.

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