PSA: The Furminator

Do you have cats? Do your cats shed so much that you could make kittens out of the excess fur? Then you need a Furminator!

Jon and I used to use a regular, bristley cat hair brush, like this:

cat hair brush

We thought it worked OK. It got hair off of the cats. Though somehow, we always had a ton of hair on the floor the day after vacuuming. Being a life-long pet owners, we just assumed that that was par for the course with long-haired pets. No matter how much you brush, there will be fur everywhere. It was just a matter of how much.

Turns out, we were wrong.

Our brush broke recently, and with Spring being in the air, the cats have started shedding as though their mission in life is to cover everything in our home (including us) with a thick later of winter cat fur. So I went on Amazon to find us a new brush.

When the Furminator popped up, with it’s expensive price tag, I thought “What the hell? Does it turn cat hair into gold? What could possibly be worth this expense?”. I was curious, so I read the reviews. The rave reviews. Given the number of people claiming that this brush changed their lives, I decided to give it a try. So I bought the small Furminator:


It doesn’t look like much, but it’s worth every penny.

No only does this brush pull far, far, FAR more hair off of the cats than a regular brush, they somehow like it more, and will allow me to brush them with it far longer, and in far more tickley places, like their sides. Baffled, I tried brushing my own hair with both the old brush head (which I kept until we got a replacement) and the Furminator, and I don’t see what is so much more comfortable about the Furminator (yes, I brushed my scalp with two different types of cat hair brushes. For cat science).  But they’re much happier with the Furminator and I’m ecstatic about the Furminator.

We’ve been using it for about two weeks, and the amount of fur on the floor has gone down to about twenty percent of what it used to be. Since using the Furminator, I haven’t seen a single clump of cat hair. Some hair still ends up on the floor, but we no longer have cat hair tumbleweeds blowing by if we don’t sweep and vacuum every other day.

If your pets shed a lot, I definitely recommend the Furminator. It’s my new favorite product.



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