Who am I?

I’m a cis-gendered bisexual woman (Liz) living with a cis-gendered bisexual man (Jonathan) who is the man of my dreams (I never thought I’d say that about another person, but there you go), and his other girlfriend, who is also a cis-gendered bisexual woman (Lora). We are polyamorous. We do sleep together in a California King-sized bed most nights of the week. As of the beginning of this blog, we don’t have threesomes together, nor do we have plans to have threesomes together – nor do we have plans to not have threesomes together. Lora & I don’t know each other well enough yet to have any idea how that might go – or how we want it to go.

And so we’re clear (for anybody who is just dying to know all the ins & outs of our sex lives), we don’t currently have sex the two of us, while the other is in the room. That said, as time goes on, who knows what might develop? Or what will become clear will never develop?

All of us are polyamorous. I have several other lovers that I have years-spanning relationships with, as well as a few people who I’d like to maybe get to know better, but never seem to have the time (That is one of the big truths of poly for me. It’s not the love that’s lacking, it’s the time!). Jonathan also has some lovers that he sees occasionally, when time permits. Lora doesn’t currently have any other relationships, but she’s looking (and no, you can’t have her contact info).

The three of us made a big life-step when we moved in together. This blog is about that change, and how it goes for us. About our relationships together, how we’ll build them, how the three of us will function as a household – well, us and the four cats. They’d be hissed off if they thought we were assuming that they had no input.

I look forward to learning (and sharing) the strengths and weaknesses that we all bring to the table, and how we’ll braid them together into something stronger. I also imagine I’ll wander off into general poly musings, why I’m poly, how I got here, why I believe it’s the best way that I could possibly live.

This blog isn’t a soapbox that I’m using to convince all people that they should be poly. I think that monogamy runs just as strongly in some people as polyamoury runs in other people. But I do believe that being polyamourous should be acknowledged as just as worthwhile and stable as monogamy. I know that poly people are as wonderful, faithful, and well-intentioned as monogamous people – and like monogamous people, we have our share of cheating, mind-fucking assholes (as far as I’m concerned, there’s no grouping of people by characteristic that won’t include at least some mind-fucking assholes).

So please enjoy reading, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Much love,



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