as clear as I think I am

Yesterday I mentioned wondering if I was really as clear as I think I am, mentally, now that I’m aware that I had this mental fog that has lifted. Then I went back to bed, because I felt like a pile o’ crap.

I spent most of the rest of the day in bed. I was able to work from home, which only required checking my emails every few hours, since work is slow this week. So I mostly laid in bed and had body aches and tried to distract myself with TED talks and other videos, because despite the body pain, my mind continued to feel clear and alert in ways that it hasn’t in a long time.

I kept marveling and wondering about that clarity and what I wrote yesterday. Mainly, I mused over how how much mental fog has really lifted. Where I am really? What if I only feel really mentally clear because I’ve been increasingly badly fogged over the past few months? Continue reading as clear as I think I am


the future and home-buying (part three)

So parts one and two talk about where I’ve been. Where do I want to go? How do I plan my future if I don’t even think that Lora and Jon and I will all be living together past a few more handfuls of months?

Well, for starters, I keep doing the things that I said I do in the first part of this series: I save money for retirement, have a full emergency fund, and put excess savings into other accounts. I would like to own a home one day – with or without Jon on the deed too (Jon would also like to own a home, but he doesn’t feel as strongly about it as I do). With or without anybody else on the deed. So I keep saving, because I know that I want to own a home, and see what happens. Continue reading the future and home-buying (part three)